An industrial data platform

Connect your sensors to the Consibio Cloud and unlock the optimization potential by getting real-time process insight.

Our mission is to combine sensors, IoT and advanced algorithms, to create the necessary data foundation for optimizing biological and chemical processes.

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Analyze data automatically
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Increasing the efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

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Contribution to politicians

Last week Søren Kjær participated in a formel setting to contributute to the Danish entrepreneurship policy

January 17, 2022

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The team is growing

We are very happy to announce that Cindy Horsted Bramsen has put on the Consibio shirt and permanently joined our venture! She is our new Operations Manager. What a capacity!

December 22, 2021

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New hire for Consibio

The interest for our digitalization platform is increasing! This time we are customizing our data-platform for BioMar. Luckily we have recently been joined by Jeppe Sværke, our new R&D Technician.

December 22, 2021

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Industries and applications

We develop IoT-devices and the Consibio Platform to applications that matter in sustainable development.
We do it because we believe that deep process insight should be available to anyone.

Smart H2S control - For the wastewater and biogas industry

With our IoT-H2S-sensors and Cloud platform, we enable tracking of emissions and smart control of chemical dosing, air/odor treatment and cleaning of sewage pipes.

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Advanced monitoring & control in industrial processes

Our Cloud and IoT-devices enable advanced monitoring and control of any setup. Get advanced insight in your process, no matter where you are and what you are working with.

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a platform Made for the process industry

In our partnerships, we bring our Consibio Cloud Platform to the table. It is used across industries, for purposes ranging from processes monitoring in the cloud to smart control based on AI algorithms of complex biological & chemical parameters


Insect Production

At ENORM Biofactory, we tailor sensor & climate control solutions for KPI management and traceability.



Consibio & partners are the back-bone of smart handling of H2S. We do this by combining sensors and algorithms in our cloud platform.


Biological Air Filtration

Our platform is aggregating, visualizing & analyzing sensor data for maintenance and reporting of industrial bio-filtration solutions.



Our platform with sensors & actuators are used in laboratories, to enhance real-time data analysis of fermentation, wastewater research etc.



Senmatic & Consibio have entered a strategic partnership to develop cloud-based control solutions for horticulture all around the world.



We use our sensors and algorithms in solutions that mitigate problems associated with H2S in sewage systems.

What our customers say

"We have a close collaboration with Consibio and with our recent grant from GUDP  we are digitalizing the insect industry together. "
Jane Lind Sam - ENORM Biofactory A/S
"We use the Monesco for data acquisition on several setups and it is the backbone of our new commercial scale filter"
Kristian Poulsen - BBK Bio Airclean A/S
"Our courses in fermentation technology has improved a lot. We use Monesco to analyze off-gas in real-time"
Aarhus School of Engineering
"We used their system for  climate control at our Oyster Mushroom farm and we were very pleased with the collaboration"
Ebbe Korsgaard - Beyond Coffee
"We are running several projects together to enhance the business case for insect producers"
Danish Technological Institute