the future of remote monitoring and control

We have made installation and remote monitoring of sensors 10x times more efficient and informative.

Because we want to make deep process insight accessible to anyone.

What makes us unique?

Plug & Play

Setup & control without programming

With the Consibio edge-2-cloud technology it is easy to connect sensors and other equipment to the Consibio Cloud. Setup control of process equipment from different manufactures in less than 5 minutes.

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Minimal maintenance

A modular product for low-maintenance operation

All Consibio Hardware is developed 100% modular. This way, we offer maximum product lifetime for standard components and minimal costs associated with maintenance or replacement of wear parts.

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Get intelligent measurements and target your efforts

Our Virtual Sensor algorithms provide deep process insight by utilizing historical data from several sensors. With this technology we aim to deliver the most informative data on the market.

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Partners - Who are using the platform?

recent news


H2S optimization of biofilter

We have been installing our new battery driven H2S-sensors at Nature Energy for providing detailed insights and emission tracking from biofilters.

March 9, 2022

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Contribution to politicians

Last week Søren Kjær participated in a formel setting to contributute to the Danish entrepreneurship policy

January 17, 2022

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The team is growing

We are very happy to announce that Cindy Horsted Bramsen has put on the Consibio shirt and permanently joined our venture! She is our new Operations Manager. What a capacity!

December 22, 2021

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a platform Made for the process industry

In our partnerships, we bring our Consibio Cloud Platform to the table. It is used across industries, for purposes ranging from processes monitoring in the cloud to smart control based on AI algorithms of complex biological & chemical parameters


Industrial IoT control solution

Connect equipment to Consibio Cloud without programming. Setup control of equipment from different manufactures in less than 5 minutes.


H2S sensor solution

H2S detection at pumping stations and at treatment plants. Determine the source, monitor the removal efficiency & document your savings.


Indoor climate sensor solution

Monitor and track levels of Co2, relative humidity and temperature with our indoor climate sensor solution.


H2S solution for odor filters

Ready for pipe mounting. This solution is for emission tracking and optimization of biofilters at pumping stations and biogas plants.


Battery H2S sensor solution

Remote monitoring of H2S levels. Suitable for measuring campaigns in large sewage netwoks and temporary installations.


Advanced H2S and overflow solution

The most accurate H2S measurements for wastewater wells on the market. This solution accounts for H2S, water level and ventilation.

What our customers say

"We have a close collaboration with Consibio and with our recent grant from GUDP  we are digitalizing the insect industry together. "
Jane Lind Sam - ENORM Biofactory A/S
"We use the Monesco for data acquisition on several setups and it is the backbone of our new commercial scale filter"
Kristian Poulsen - BBK Bio Airclean A/S
"Our courses in fermentation technology has improved a lot. We use Monesco to analyze off-gas in real-time"
Aarhus School of Engineering
"We used their system for  climate control at our Oyster Mushroom farm and we were very pleased with the collaboration"
Ebbe Korsgaard - Beyond Coffee
"We are running several projects together to enhance the business case for insect producers"
Danish Technological Institute
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