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  • Collect data from remote locations
  • Take data driven decisions
  • Save time and money on service

Consibio values

Consibio simplifies data collection for utilities and equipment manufactures, enabling them to optimize their service operations, measurement campaigns, and future-proof their setup.

We believe that deep insight should be accessible to everyone across sustainable industries

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  • Flexible hardware
    Integrates with any sensor

  • Secure communication
    Encrypted & robust connectivity

  • Intelligent software
    New features for deep insight



Sensor partners

Save time on installation. Sensors from our compatible sensor partners connect plug&play to Consibio Dataloggers.

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IoT Dataloggers

Reduce cost on operation and enable data driven decisions – with flexible and moduar IoT dataloggers that connects to any sensor or actuator.

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Cloud Services

Save time and money by tageting your efforts – with real-time insight from Consibio Cloud. The ultimate solution for data driven decisions.

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“With Consibio's datalogger, we get real-time data and remote control for our Nano Air Bubble Systems. This solution improves our service offering significantly.”
Thomas Tindahl Jensen, CEO
TechRas Nano
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Jeppe at ACHEMA

Jeppe Svaerke has tirelessly been presenting our cloud-based sensor solutions all day at ACHEMA. And the first hand impressions from the Industry has simply been outstanding.

January 7, 2023

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Consibio on IWA

Søren represented Consibio at the IWA World Water Congress! We enjoyed meeting current and future partners!

January 7, 2023

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New Datalogger on the market!

Søren Jessen Kjær represented Consibio at DeepTech Alliance summit in Copenhagen. We presented our latest datalogger for remote monitoring of environmental parameters.

January 7, 2023

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a platform Made for the process industry

In our partnerships, we bring our Consibio Cloud Platform to the table. It is used across industries, for purposes ranging from processes monitoring in the cloud to smart control based on AI algorithms of complex biological & chemical parameters


Laboratories and R&D

Create reproducible experiments and save time on data treatment by automating your bio-reactors.


Water level & overflow

Reduce manual work and provide your it-department with all water level data collected in single place.


Biogas and Wastewater

Save time on odor emission reporting and optimize odor filters at pumping stations and biogas plants.

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