The Consibio Platform

Increase uptime and minimize manual labour by digitalizing your processes

Our Consibio Platform is the most user-friendly, plug-&-play platform for monitoring sensor data and controlling any bioprocess environment.

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Monitor sensor data in real time

Connect a device and instantly stream sensor data to the Monesco Cloud. From a computer or smartphone you can login and see your data in real-time or visualize datalogs remotely.

Connect any sensor using our catalogue of plug-and-play modules or use our 3rd party integrations.

Estimate complex parameters

Besides just visualizing your process data, we have developed advanced algorithms which can estimate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for your bioprocess.

Such as:

  • Changes in measurements rather than their actual values
  • Rates of production or removal of specific compounds
  • Efficiencies of conversion or production.

These are typical KPI's in bioprocesses and are utilized to evaluate and benchmark the performance. Therefore, they are highly valuable for operation, management, optimization and, in the end, the feasibility of the business.

Control everything automatically

So now you have access to your data, the next logical step is to control your process based on those. With the Monesco platform, feedback control with actuators can be set-up in a matter of seconds with simple drop-down logic.