Optimizing chemical dosage with IoT-technology

Cities and governments worldwide are facing increased problems from hydrogen sulfide (H2S) emissions due to centralization of wastewater treatment plants. H2S is produced in long pressure pipes as a result of elevated residence times. The problems arise partly because H2S is released in manholes and are converted to sulfuric acid which is corroding the concrete etc, and because H2S is creating a hazardous and odorous work environment with great operating and maintenance costs.

Consibio in collaboration with Sweco and the wastewater treatment plants in Hedensted and Svendborg initiated this innovation project. Consibio act as a technology partner in integrated solutions to mitigate the problems associated with H2S emissions. We develop and provide the digitalization and smart control technology of chemical dosing in sewage pipes. We do this based on Cloud- and IoT technology and are correlating direct and indirect sensor measurements to calculate and predict the H2S level and thereby automatically control the chemical dosing.