We demonstrate our technology through projects with selected partners

Digitalization of insect production

We aggregate and systemise production data. This way it becomes possible to control the production towards specific KPI’s concerning climate impact, optimal production time and feed conversion.

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Food production in rural areas

The BioPod is an Aquaponics solution centered around the local production of both fish and plants in a symbiosis, where household wastes are utilized as fish feed and basis of plant fertilizer.

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H2S mitigation in sewage systems

Along with our partners, we develop and provide the digitalization and smart control technology to decrease the chemical dosing in sewage pipes.

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Virtual sensors in insect production

We proved that is was possible to obtain an estimate of metabolic activity and actual amount of biomass from mathematical models of heat development and respiration.

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Predictive H2S control of biogas plants

This project seeks to optimize both cost efficiency and performance of current biofilter technology through the use of new data and IoT based technologies.

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Model predictive control of a bioreactor

We facilitated experiments by supplying a monitoring and control solution for MPC implementation. This made it possible to simulate the human digestive system - in vitro

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