Create reproducible experiments and save time on data treatment by automating your bio-reactors.

Laboratories and R&D

The ultimate sensor and datalogger solution

Save time and resources in your experiments with our plug&play sensor and control solution.

  • pH, temperature, DO, flow, etc.
  • Control pumps, valves, heaters, stirres, etc.
  • We tailor the solution to your needs

Consibio Cloud

All data in one place

With the Consibio edge-2-cloud technology it is easy to connect sensors and other equipment to the Consibio Cloud.

Setup control of process equipment from different manufacturers in less than 5 minutes.

Try our datalogger today!

Almost every industrial process could benefit greatly from more data-driven insights. The combination of new sensor technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data can provide these insights, but it requires a deep technical knowledge to even begin to utilize these technologies.

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