Save time on odor emission reporting and optimize odor filters at pumping stations and biogas plants.

Biogas and Wastewater

The ultimate sensor and datalogger solution

Save time and resources in your odor control with our plug'n'play odor solutions.

  • H2S, NH3, VOC's, RH%, pressure, temperature, etc.
  • Control air filters to dynamically handle peak emissions
  • We tailor the solution to your needs

Consibio Cloud

All data in one place

With the Consibio edge-2-cloud technology it is easy to connect sensors and other equipment to the Consibio Cloud.

Setup control of process equipment from different manufacturers in less than 5 minutes.

Start monitoring H2S today


  • Measurement range with high resolution
  • Flexible mounting options - Designed for harsh conditions
  • Low power consumption for battery driven applications


  • Long term monitoring of H2S
  • Monitoring H2S-removal efficiency in biofilters at biogas plants
  • Gas-phase measurement of hydrogen sulphide in wastewater sewer systems for odor and corrosion control

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